Some in English… Sry I tried…

Possible Conflicts in Germany


My investigation started on the Internet. The www should help me to find the conflicts in Germany. However, the results of the searching machines were sobering. Outdated news articles and some countries live in peace, were the results of the Internet.

I specified my search. I hoped to find with the sentence “Problems in Germany” something useful. The luck was on my side.

The Focus a German newspaper called according to a survey the job market with 52% and the social aspects with 36% to the top two.

The internet site statista which deals with market research, called the immigration and terrorism as conflict points.

A little bit unsatisfactory I thought after my twenty-minute procurement of information. Erdogan the Turkish Prime Minister, the wars in Syria and Iraq, refugees, terrorism and social discontent…

… this should be the conflicts of Germany?

News and the Internet can tell a lot. The opinion of the people interests me. The individuals form the nation and consequently there create Germany. They had to know the German conflicts. I provided an online survey. In different Facebookgroups I described my concern.

Hello, dear society members,

I would like to hold a presentation about the possible conflicts in Germany. Who if not the people should know better about the problem of the country? I have consciously decided on this subject. A discussion with the problems of the time is necessary to the removal of the conflicts. Who doesn’t know around the cause can´t find against the symptoms. At least I think this. So what do you think? What are according to your opinion, THE conflicts in Germany? And how could we repair them?

Thank for your opinion and peace is with you.

Peace Sahra

To receive a defensible survey, I posted it on groups of different orientation. From the left to the right, alternatively and conventionally, all opinions were asked. After a short time it became clear fast, there seemed to be many conflicts.

  • Lacking transparency of the government members
  • Missing integration of the people in government questions
  • Citizens being treated like a child
  • The power of the USA
  • The EU
  • Maintenance of the social peace
  • Media
  • Education
  • Trust
  • Religion

Many conflicts for one country?! Oh, well, where many individuals meet, there is also an amount of conflicts.

The number of the conflicts overwhelmed me. Even the educational conflicts contain many aspects which are important and must be analyzed.

How do we provide knowledge? Which subjects should be given in educational institutes?

Even the neuroscience, psychology and philosophy, deals with the education. Researchers are pursued to treat the following questions.

How much information can our brain take up? Which learning types are there? Which psychic state do we need to learn healthy?

It seemed to me as if Germany existed merely of conflicts. More badly is that there are still untreated conflicts. Everywhere are discontented people. I went through the streets and questioned 25 people at the age of 14 to 60 years.

After the online survey I was persuaded that most people will call terrorism, refuges and the politicians as cause. I was surprised by the opposite. I thought the opinions vary according to age, origin and social state. Yes, I got different answers. Missing support, the economy and the refugees were picket out as central themes over and over again.

“I`am afraid to go at night through the streets”, said a lady of middle age in Stuttgart. Another complained of the big influence of the companies. “They are able to determine laws for us! This may not be!”

However, the majority of the interviewees found out at the end, that there are no problems in Germany. We simply grumble too much.

The possible conflicts in Germany are like it seems to different nature. Nevertheless, a big number of the people called the political systems and their members as a main conflict of Germany.

The shout of a desperate society. In which everybody looks single for care. We all want to be followed and respected for how we are. We want to belong to something. Free development is important to us. Our needs should be stratified. We want to be happy.

This was my head sentence to come up to the end and to my opinion.

I believe our biggest and only conflict is the human being in himself. All other subjects are nothing else as symptoms of the deficit. We are quickly growing individuals, with abilities which we are able to use till today not properly.

We do research in the universe, in the depths of the oceans and we dissect animals, all this for an aim – the search after the being.

We take up tortures and destroy ourselves for science and at last our maintenance. We run by the time like lunatics and want to have everything now and immediately. Tomorrow it could be all over.

Death without knowing, who I had been. A sad end for many people.

We are afraid to look in ourselves and to look after the true conflicts. So we simply construct some.

  • Islam spreads hatred and is responsible for our potential of violence.
  • The politicians are corrupt and tell lie, so we can make all what we want to do.
  • The media send no more right information, what leads to the fact that now everybody means that only his perception is absolutely real and right.

And this I can philosophies forever further.

Conflicts originate when we are not able to look after the cause. Maybe we also enjoy this state of chaos. Exposing the cause presents the truth. And the truth is that what we at least hold out less, even if we shout and scream after it.

Or whats your opinion?

Dear Sahra

Is it my fault to be alone?

Over the years, the feeling of loneliness spread out in me. Where I was and with whom I was together, I felt all alone. I was firmly convinced that there is no person in the world who understands me or I can be close. It was hard to maintain friendships for me. Romantic relationships been at last always a disaster. The feeling of loneliness prevented me to make social contacts and to maintain them. By usually very dramatic ending relationships, my loneliness felt naturally confirmed and could grow unhindered.
At some point I understood it. I chose the solitude to declare war. Today I won it. How and why does
t matter. The point is, I didt feel lonely anymore. (Who wants to know it…send me a mail or a message… now I just do not want the detail to write now … Furthermore it would be another topic 🙂 )

When, I am thinking exactly I know that I’m never alone. I am always surrounded by anything and anyone. After all, I live in ajhhlk world with over 7 billion inhabitants.

How can I be there alone!?

So I changed my attitude. My thoughts and actions. Every time the loneliness came crawling back, I threw it out. to me I began again to meet friends and acquaintances. Simply once go out alone. Alone in a park or in a cafe. I explored the world anew and realized I’m not alone!
This idea set firmly and so I changed again a piece. Now I walk through the streets with walking upright, ready for encounters. But not fixed on it.

This runs now so since about six weeks. Since then I am meet each day new people. Now and again I meet someone again. Quite by chance. This interesting thing is that if I thought the day before, „Hey, it would once again cool, just with someone to go through the streets“ …
… I meet a day later someone on
in the train or in the shop and go with him through the streets. Then we go our separate ways. It dosen´t matter if i will see him/her again.

I´m convinced that everyone decides itself to be lonely or not. If we think that we are lonely, even if we dot want to be, we are. It just how it is. But when we begin to think differently, the external impact changes. This doest mean that we´ve got suddenly telepathic abilities. No, it just means that you start to see the world from a different perspective. As we all know, usually performs a different perspective to other views.

That means, the people who want to get in touch with us were already there, we just dot register them. Sometimes we can´t imagine that a particular person just wants to get to know us. That’s why we dot talk to them at first. Thus, we take us our a different opportunity on a contact and thus a way out of loneliness.

You are not alone! Remember this!


Generations Pokémon


The youth nowadays, sits only before the calculators and Smartphones. Human communication is distant to them. They use funny half in English half German words. Sometimes one could also mean, they have lined up simply pointlessly some letter and give them a sense. What an one waste. None is able to express itself about the world events. Politics and geography and the language, all this seems lost. As if this was not enough. With her wild hairstyles, multi-coloured colours, narrow clothes and extreme appearance, they transform her existence into a cliche. Why has nobody still intervened? How can parents admit this?

Well. Each generation has something that the previous, sees as an loss of the old and important values. Of course, it looks a little strange when you see a horde of young people, staring at their phones, running through the streets. However you look at it from another perspective you can see that the formation of other values and old values are being rediscovered.

I see them often, after the successful Pokémon searches, chill at the place „. They talk without phone, sometimes for hours. They discover the world through their eyes. From their perspectives. And that in the fresh air.
Yes, they might not know much about politics and geography. Even world affairs they care little. No surprise it?

Perhaps It also implies simply that it is not. Life changes. The generations adapt to their possibilities. There are always other options and generations resources. Which is why it is only logical that it can not remain the same.
So the question is not: What values are lost? The question should be: What values arise new?
Of course you can demonize everything and seen as a step backwards. Yes why not … Is just … yes .. upset for nothing. If you like it?!

I prefer to play with the young Pokémon. Fun and makes you discover new values.

We „adults“ should stop believing that what we say or think we know, this is absolutely right, because after all we are the experienced ones.
We should stop to transfer our frustration to the next Gera Transportation, by criticizing everything about them. Let us begin to see them as an opportunity to develop. As something special, from which we can learn.
What do you think about the generations conflict? What do you think of today’s youth? From what point of view you look at the whole thing?

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  1. Oleeeeee it’s a beautiful piece of writing 👏👏👏👏I loved it Sarah.. It’s true our generation is so brain washed that the rarest thing to find is people living.. What most people do is simply exist

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